October 25–27, 2017 | Forum 2017

Writing Guidelines

beginning of content:

As you craft your proposal, consider collaborating with educators from other disciplines to offer a broader perspective.

View the Forum 2016 program to see examples of session descriptions.

Proposal Requirements

  • Proposed content must be engaging, relevant, and interactive.
  • The description must be submitted in a publishable format using proper grammar and spelling.
  • The session title is limited to 75 characters and must accurately describe the session.
  • The short description is limited to 150 characters including spaces. This is meant to be included in the printed conference program and needs to succinctly describe what will be accomplished in your session.
  • The longer description is limited to 1,000 characters including spaces. This will describe your session in detail. The planning committee will generally review your longer description.
  • All sections of the proposal form must be accurate and complete.
  • You must fully answer open-ended questions about learning outcomes, session significance, and the session process.
  • You must select the session topic with which your session is most aligned. See the list of topics.
  • You must select a primary target audience. See the audience descriptions below.

Target Audiences


Program directors; college presidents; professionals from community-based and policy organizations; federal, state, and district personnel including principals, superintendents, chancellors.


Admission and enrollment officers, directors, and deans.


High school counselors, college advisors, and student advising directors. 

High school and middle school counselors, college counselors, college access advisors and school/district directors of counseling.

Financial Aid

Financial aid officers, directors, and deans; and scholarship administrators.

Instruction and Assessment

College professors, high school and middle school teachers, AP coordinators, and academic affairs directors.

Proposal Review

Proposals will be evaluated by the Forum 2017 Program Planning Committee, a cross-professional group of approximately 30 educators from across the country. A strong preference will be given to proposals that:

  • Draw on the perspectives of multiple institutions rather than a single institution or program;
  • Include panels composed of member-practitioners (such as teachers, school and outreach counselors, financial aid and enrollment professionals, administrators);
  • Specify how students are positively impacted by the work of the presenter(s), and their organization(s); and
  • Present work that can be replicated in other settings.