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Deadline: Friday, March 6, 2020


Share Your Knowledge

Help us build the Forum 2020 program—propose a session. The conference’s strength is based on sessions created and led by dedicated educators and professionals like you. Share your experiences, creative solutions, and insights. Submit a session proposal that showcases a program or partnership that impacts students positively.

Session Topics

The College Board is seeking roundtable and panel presentation sessions that foster discussion of best practices in education or highlight innovative programs to increase access and promote student success.


Admission policy, college selection, college transfer, issues seen by first-generation students, diversity and international recruitment, student applications, increasing retention, and demonstrated interest.

Advocacy and Policy

Review of policies, practices, and resource allocation at the federal, state, and district level; policy recommendations; and policy evaluation.


Increasing graduation rates, college transition, student advising, recommendation letters, and building college culture. Best practices, innovation and trends in college counseling, advisement, academic support and transition, implementation and use of data for the Advanced Placement Program®, SAT Suite of Assessments, and Khan Academy®. Also, special populations, including students with disabilities, underrepresented groups, and rural students.

Educational Equity

All practices related to improving college access for traditionally underrepresented students, including students of color, women, and rural students.

Financial Aid

College pricing and affordability, student loan eligibility, debt repayment, FAFSA, student aid, financial literacy, award letters, and financial aid distribution.

Instruction and Assessment

STEM, AP, SAT, college readiness, instruction techniques, teacher perspectives, student perspectives, remediation, curriculum and instruction, and summer/bridge programs.


Increasing student success through partnerships among high schools, community colleges, four-year institutions, and community-based organizations.

Session Types

Presentation Sessions

Most presentation sessions are comprised of panels of education experts and practitioners focused on one topic of significance. These sessions foster discussion of best practices in education or highlight innovative programs to increase access and promote student success.

Roundtable sessions

Roundtable sessions are designed as a topical facilitated discussion. The success of the session is reliant on attendee discussion and interaction. Roundtable sessions are deliberately offered with fewer seats to encourage smaller groups of attendees.

Proposal Requirements

  • Proposed content must be engaging, relevant, and interactive.
  • Description must be submitted in a publishable format using proper grammar and spelling.
  • Session title is limited to 75 characters and must accurately describe the session.
  • Short description is limited to 150 characters, including spaces, and succinctly covers what your session accomplishes.
  • Long description is limited to 1,000 characters, including spaces, and should be detailed. The planning committee usually reviews it.
  • All sections of the proposal form must be accurate and complete.
  • Open-ended questions should be fully answered and address session significance and session process.
  • Session topic you select should be the one your session best aligns with.
  • A primary audience must be selected. See audience descriptions below.


Guidelines and Procedures

  • Submit a proposal only if you have secured funding from your institution to attend and only if you (and your copresenters, if any) can present any time during the conference.
  • You can include up to four presenters (five, if there’s a moderator). A moderator isn’t required. Their role is limited to chairing or introducing the session.
  • Note that presenters and moderators must register for the Forum and they receive a discounted main registration fee.
  • Note that presenters and moderators are responsible for their own travel, hotel arrangements, and expenses.
  • You may be asked for additional materials if your proposal is accepted, including a presentation outline and a résumé or CV for each presenter.
  • Submit no more than two proposals, either as lead presenter or copresenter. Get consent before listing other copresenters. As lead presenter, you are responsible for sharing College Board conference policies and logistics with your copresenters. If your institution or contact information changes, contact us to be sure you get all presenter information.

Session titles and descriptions, along with presenter names, institutions, job titles, and states, are published in the official Forum program website and mobile app. The title and description may be edited to conform to College Board editorial style guidelines.

Note: Session proposals promoting the purchase of books, materials, or services won’t be considered for the conference program. Because of space and time limitations, not all qualified proposals can be accepted. If your proposal isn’t accepted, please consider submitting next year.

Target Audiences


Program directors; college presidents; professionals from community-based and policy organizations; federal, state, and district personnel, including principals, superintendents, chancellors.


Admission and enrollment officers, directors, and deans.


High school counselors, college advisers, and student advising directors; high school and middle school counselors, college counselors, college access advisers, and school/district directors of counseling.

Financial Aid

Financial aid officers, directors, and deans; and scholarship administrators.

Instruction and Assessment

College professors, high school and middle school teachers, AP coordinators, and academic affairs directors.

Proposal Review

Proposals are evaluated by the Forum 2020 Program Planning Committee, a cross-professional group of approximately 30 educators from across the nation. Strong preference is given to proposals that:

  • Draw on the perspectives of multiple institutions rather than a single institution or program;
  • Include panels composed of member-practitioners (such as teachers, school and outreach counselors, financial aid and enrollment professionals, administrators);
  • Specify how students are positively impacted by the work of the presenter(s), and their organization(s); and
  • Present work that can be replicated in other settings.

Session Logistics


All main conference sessions are scheduled to run for 75 minutes. You should plan your session to allow for sufficient Q&A time—for panel presentations, leave at least 15 minutes.

Notification of Decision

The Forum 2020 Program Planning Committee will review all proposals. You’ll be notified of the decision on your proposal in June 2020.


Questions? Email us.