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College Board Forum Oct. 26-28 Chicago IL Banner
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The College Board Forum is the preeminent annual gathering of K–12, higher education, and college access professionals from all areas of expertise. The Forum offers a wealth of sessions and workshops led by experienced colleagues that focus on finding solutions to today’s most pressing education issues.

Why Attend College Board Forum 2016?

  • To build and strengthen relationships with colleagues
  • To share best practices and new ideas that benefit today’s students
  • To hear about new education policies and legislation
  • To learn how the College Board can support your daily work and professional growth
  • To make your voice heard

Who Will Be at College Board Forum 2016?

  • Teachers
  • College and career counselors
  • College access and outreach coordinators
  • Financial aid professionals
  • Admission and enrollment practitioners
  • K–12 and higher education administrators
  • Legislators and policymakers
  • Parent engagement coordinators
  • Members of community based organizations

The Forum provides an opportunity for great minds in education across the breadth of College Board members to address and discuss hot topics as well as longstanding concerns related to academic readiness, educational opportunity, affordability, and student success.