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Bobi Swan:
“If I could only go to one, what Conference should I go to?” And, he said, “You need to go to the College Board Forum. That’s – you’ve got to go there.” 


The College Board Forum is an annual conference that brings together education professionals and thought-leaders to find solutions to today’s most pressing educational challenges. 


Bobi Swan:

A lot of us are coming to this conference from an enrollment perspective but it’s really, also, about retention. It’s not about just getting them in; it’s about graduating them. 


Barbara A. Gill:

There’s been this renewed emphasis on the social mission of the College Board. How can we best connect with kids? How can we best connect with student to provide them more opportunities so they can be more successful in college and in life beyond? 


Alexis Pope:

We lose 30 percent of our students from Freshman to Sophomore year. So, to know what – if there’s anything that – we can do, in that process, to serve our demographic to better help students decide what college is a better fit for them, is all very exciting. 


Mandy Cheromiah:

The sessions are so meaningful. You know? They’re so intentional and the people who run this take time to really consider what is affecting, you know, counselors and educators and practitioners in K through 12. 


Jamie Corrodus:

Just to come in here – just get some innovative ideas and techniques I can take back, you know, to my institution so then – I can pass along to my students. 


Ainsley Rudolfo:

Folks have always looked to the College Board for new ideas – new techniques to learn in the classroom. And I think that’s one of the big things that I’m looking for.” 


Silvia Marquez: This experience really broadened my horizons to other issues that affect institutions that are very different from Berkeley; K-12 issues that, maybe, weren’t as apparent to me. So, for me, it was very eye-opening. 


Emmanuel Moses:

Everything that the Forum and the College Board still represents are the tools that our students need to, sort of, achieve. So, like-minded individuals, the resources, the connections; this is where it’s at and this is where I’m happy to be. 



Join the conversation. Register now for the 2014 College Board Forum; October 27th through the 29th in Las Vegas. 


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The College Board Forum is the preeminent annual gathering of K–12 and higher education professionals from all areas of expertise.

The Forum offers a wealth of sessions and workshops led by experienced colleagues that focus on finding solutions to today’s most pressing education issues.

Our theme of “Membership ˖ Partnership” reflects the College Board’s renewed emphasis on collaboration. We are committed to working with you to increase rigor and achieve equity and excellence in education.

Save the Dates!

Call for Proposals: Opens mid-January

Registration and travel accommodations: Opens mid-March

Why Attend College Board Forum 2015?

  • To build or strengthen relationships with colleagues
  • To share best practices and new ideas that benefit today’s students
  • To hear about new education policies and legislation
  • To learn what the College Board can do for you
  • To make your voice heard

Who Will Be at College Board Forum 2015?

  • Teachers
  • School counselors
  • College admission and outreach coordinators
  • Financial aid administrators
  • K–12 and higher education administrators
  • Legislators and policymakers
  • Parent engagement coordinators